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Tailored Software Development

In RESSER we specialize in extracting information from the data supplied by GPS equipment together with a set of additional sensors.

For us, a tracking device is a only one of a set of tools we use to obtain data that can be organized in such a manner that can help in making more efficient the logistics and operation of a business.

A distinct difference with other companies in the field is that we have working in our plant a full-time team of engineers and programmers specialized in such areas as: design and manufacturing of hardware, firmware, software, back end and front end of the tracking platform, equipment installation and technical support.

Over three decades, RESSER has undergone a continuous and cumulative process of technological advancement. New projects and developments are a compendium of good ideas from our customers, who have become our allies by collaborating in the design and testing of solutions together. This has permitted us to expand the range of hardware and software tools, which are at your disposal or we can adjust to meet your specific requirements.

We invite you to get in contact with us and let us know what your company requires. You’ll be surprised.



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